Required Training & Resources for Evaluators 

  • Required Vision Screening Training

    There are three training modules required for providers conducting vision screenings for Early Intervention Colorado evaluations:

    • Vision Screening Parent Questionnaire 2022
    • Vision Screening & Developmental Assessment
    • Objective Testing

    For providers that are new to Early Intervention Colorado, the Vision Screening Parent Questionnaire 2022 training is 90-minutes. The Vision Screening Parent Questionnaire 2022 training is available as a 60-minute refresher for providers that successfully completed the training in 2020-21.
    Register for the vision screening training sessions here, through A Shared Vision.
  • Understanding and Explaining Procedural Safeguards

    All individuals conducting evaluations on behalf of Early Intervention Colorado are required to understand and explain to families their rights and procedural safeguards under the program. 
    The interactive Family Rights and Procedural Safeguards Training can be accessed here
    Training Documents: 

  • Requesting EI Evaluator Approval for Additional Primary Area of Concern
    Evaluator Approval for Additional Primary Area of Concern:
    Issued to evaluators with additional and comprehensive knowledge and experience in areas outside of their discipline in order to allow them to evaluate in additional areas when it is the primary area of concern. This approval does not expire. 

    Click here to view the EI Colorado Provider Personnel Standards and Waivers. An approval for an evaluator is different from a waiver for a provider.
    • Upload supporting documentation into Provider Portal 
    • Submit an approval request via the Evaluation Approval Request Form
    • Assure that the evaluator operating with an evaluator approval completes all required information in the EI Provider Portal
    • Evaluator and Evaluation Entity will be notified via email of the approval 
    • Both the Evaluator and the Evaluation Entity should save a copy of the email
    • Upload a screenshot or PDF of the email to the Provider Portal (upload to “Requests” and title the document “Evaluator Approval Email”)
    Effective 1/1/2024
  • Evaluation Entity State Coverage
    Click here to view the contracted evaluation entities for each catchment area in Colorado.

For those conducting evaluations on behalf of Early Intervention Colorado, please bookmark this Padlet, which is updated frequently with evaluation-related resources. 

The Evaluation Provider Process Manual is an essential resource for all Early Intervention evaluators. It includes details on everything related to Early Intervention evaluations, including: 

  • Expected timelines
  • Getting set up in the Provider Portal
  • Pre-evaluation processes 
  • Evaluation processes 
  • After-evaluation processes 
  • Documenting, billing, invoicing 

Find more resources for evaluators here, including contact information for the Early Intervention Colorado team.

For Guidelines for Childhood & Youth Hearing Screening Programs, click here.

EI Evaluation Entity or Individual Evaluator Support Request