Transitioning from Early Intervention Colorado

  • Preschool Special Education Services
    If your child has not met all (IFSP) outcomes and is demonstrating a developmental delay, your child may be eligible for preschool special education services.  Unless you opt out of sharing this information, your local school district will receive information about your child so that they can connect with your family to determine whether an evaluation will be conducted to determine eligibility for preschool special education.

    If you choose to not pursue preschool special education services, your service coordinator will discuss other options for your child. Other options could include private therapy sessions; private, community, or faith-based preschool; Head Start; or another program that will support the continued development of your child.

    Transitioning from Early Intervention
    Información para padres sobre la Opción para la Extensión de la Parte C
  • The Extended Part C Option
    If your child is eligible for preschool special education services, someone from the school district will participate in a transition conference with your family and the service coordinator. You may also invite anyone you wish to attend such as your child care provider(s), relative(s), or other professionals working with your child and family. This conference must occur by the time your child reaches 2 years, 9 months of age (33 months). The purpose of this conference is to provide your family with the options that are available to you after your child turns three and plan for the continuation of special education services if that’s what your family chooses.

    Parent Information on the Extended Part C Option
    Información para padres sobre la opción de la Parte C extendida

Ensuring a Smooth Transition and Continued Support

If your child is still involved in Early Intervention (EI) Colorado as they approach their 3rd birthday, you will begin planning for their transition out of the EI Colorado program with your service coordinator. 

This process can begin as soon as your child turns 27 months (2 years, 3 months). Your service coordinator will schedule a meeting for you and members of your child’s EI Colorado team to develop a transition plan. The transition plan will become part of your child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). 

The transition plan will document the steps and services to support a smooth transition when your child reaches the age of 3. The transition plan must be completed by the time your child reaches 2 years, 9 months of age (33 months).

In some cases (depending on when the child’s birthday is and if they have a plan in place for preschool special education)  there may be an option to extend the Early Intervention Colorado services through the summer until preschool starts in the Fall. If your child is eligible for this option, your service coordinator will explain this to you as part of the transition plan for your child.