How EI Colorado Benefits Children

  • What does Early Intervention (EI) Colorado provide for families and children?
    For children who qualify for EI Colorado services, the program will look different depending on the child's needs and the family's goals. These services can include speech-language support, physical or occupational therapy, assistive technology, and more.

    With EI Colorado services, families never have to be alone in addressing a young child's developmental delays or disabilities. EI Colorado services offer a supportive team that helps families get the services their child needs.

    There is no cost to families for the EI evaluation or EI services, for children who are eligible. 
  • Who helps families navigate EI Colorado services?
    EI Colorado provides families with a team of support. Upon referral, a care navigator will help schedule an evaluation. Once eligible, each family will have a service coordinator, who will be the family's primary contact. The service coordinator is available to answer questions, help families make decisions, and coordinate all the services that a child may need. The service coordinator works with families for the entire time that their child is involved with EI Colorado. 

    The service coordinator is an important member of your child's EI Colorado services team and will help ensure that all the services listed on the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) are provided to your family. 

Acting Early Gives Children a Strong Foundation to Thrive

All babies and toddlers need support for their development so they can get off to a strong start. Some children need extra support during the important early years. 

The brains of babies and toddlers are growing and developing fast! For that reason, it is much easier for young children to learn new skills than it is for older children. 

When delays in a child's learning or development are identified early in life and children receive support, they have the best chance to catch up and/or to make significant progress in their development.