About EI Colorado Services

  • What is in the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)?
    The IFSP helps the EI team (including you, the EI providers, and the service coordinator) work together to best support your child. The IFSP includes services that your child will receive through EI Colorado, as well as other services or support that your child and family may receive outside EI Colorado. 

    Your service coordinator will make sure that your family is connected to all of the services and support that your child needs. Community support that your family accesses, or is interested in accessing, in addition to early intervention services can be listed in the IFSP resources section, such as medical care or help from your own family and friends.

    EI Colorado services must start within 28 days of when you provide permission unless you request a later start date.
  • How long do children participate in Early Intervention (EI) Colorado services?
    EI Colorado services last different lengths of time depending on what your child and family need.

    Some children will participate in EI Colorado for a short time only to address a temporary delay in development. Other children transition from EI Colorado and receive continuing support as they start school. 
    If your child is still eligible for EI Colorado when they turn 3, your service coordinator will support your family if you decide to transition to preschool special education services or other community programs. 
  • How are services in the IFSP delivered to my family?
    Early intervention services look different depending on your child’s needs and your family’s goals. Services can be provided by a variety of different specialists, including speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, assistive technology professionals, and others. 

    Research shows that children can learn new skills the best when they are with familiar people in a familiar place. That’s why EI services usually take place in your home (in person or virtually) or another comfortable location like grandma’s house.

    Local EI programs, most often Community Centered Boards (CCBs) are local, community-based organizations in Colorado that are responsible for delivering the EI program in their region.  You can call 1.888.777.4041 for more information about Early Intervention Colorado services or find your local EI program. 
  • Will receiving EI Colorado services impact my health insurance?
    If your family has Medicaid or private insurance, the service coordinator will talk to you about the option of using your insurance to support the costs of EI Colorado services. 

    For EI Colorado services you will not have co-pays, and there is no requirement that you meet a deductible before costs will be paid in full by insurance. Choosing to use your own insurance to support the costs of EI Colorado services will ensure that more families, including those without health insurance, are able to access this important resource.
  • How often is the IFSP updated?
    The IFSP is reviewed at least every six months or earlier if you would like. A new IFSP is created each year and each child’s progress is reviewed on an ongoing basis. 

    The process of reviews every six months and full updates each year continues until it is decided that a child no longer needs EI Colorado services to continue making progress. Before your child turns 3, if they continue to be eligible for EI Colorado services, your service coordinator will work with your family to plan for the next phase. 
  • State and National Resources for Families
  • Information on Medicaid and CHP+ Renewal
    The renewal process (sometimes called redetermination or RRR) for Health First Colorado and CHP+ members occurs annually. HCPF has made important improvements and continue to work with members and county partners to refine the process.
    Please use this link to learn more!

IFSP: A Roadmap for Your Child's Progress

If your child is eligible for the Early Intervention Colorado program, the next step is to work with your service coordinator from your local EI program to create the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Early intervention Colorado is a partnership with your family. You are the expert on your child; we’re here to give you the tools and support you need to help them thrive! 
The IFSP is a detailed summary of the support that your child can receive and how those services will be provided to your family. The IFSP is based on your goals for your child’s growth and development. 

Parents must provide written permission before EI Colorado services begin or if there is a change in services. There is no cost to families to receive services through EI Colorado. 

EI Colorado Roadmap for Families                             Frequently Asked Questions 

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Here’s an example of a family’s experience with Early Intervention services.