Data Systems for Service Coordination

Service coordinators will use the Cornerstone learning management system to access required Early Intervention Colorado trainings. 

Data related to the Early Intervention program, including family and child information, details of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), and billing, are all housed within UNICORN (Unified Child Outcomes Reporting Network). 

UNICORN is Early Intervention Colorado’s data system. The data system user guide has all the information you will need to navigate the system, including step-by-step instructions for data entry and developing an IFSP. 

Established Conditions

Established Conditions Cover Sheet
Established Conditions Guidance
Established Conditions Database

Questions about the EIST? 

Early Intervention Services Trust (EIST) has an updated process that allows the Southern District Accounting Office (SDA) to fully manage the program for which they have oversight and will relieve CCBs and local Early Intervention programs of the burden of data entry in relation to children covered under the EIST. 

Need help using the EI Colorado Data System? 

This spreadsheet has links to many resources for training and TA related to using the EI Colorado data system and is helpful for answering many questions about using the Early Intervention data system. 

Need support with the Early Intervention data system? 

Please contact Kelly Simmons at or 720.607.7333.