Learn About Early Intervention in Colorado

Early Intervention (EI) services are provided where the child lives, plays and learns. Services may be scheduled to include sessions in the child’s home, child care center, a relative’s home or other community setting. To become an EI provider, you will need to connect with the Community Centered Board (CCB) in the area(s) you wish to work in. You may work by contracting with more than one CCB, and you may even be employed by a CCB. Each CCB is unique, but they are all required to ensure professionals providing early intervention services adhere to state and federal rules and regulations as well as meet specific
provider qualifications.
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EI services are paid through a variety of funding sources including, Medicaid, CHP+, Private Health Insurance, and/or State and Federal Part C funds. As an EI provider, you will be encouraged to bill these funding sources in order to contract with a CCB, but under some circumstances you may be able to still provide EI services if you are not able to bill on your own. Each CCB you work with can provide you with some additional information on billing State and Federal Part C funds.